Sponsorship Opportunity for Phandeeyar's National Robotics Team

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Phandeeyar (“creation place”) was established in 2014 to support Myanmar’s digital leapfrog. It is a community tech hub that is spearheading the development of the country’s tech and social innovation ecosystem. Phandeeyar does this in two ways: firstly, by building the pool of tech talent, investing in local startups and training founders; secondly, by helping change agents use technology to increase the impact of their work. In building a country's pool of tech talents, one of the current initiatives that Phandeeyar has been involved in is to promote STEM/MINT education for Myanmar students through participation in the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge


The FIRST Global Robotics Challenge is an annual  international 'Olympics'-style robotics competition, with teams participating from over 150 countries worldwide. During the inaugural competition held in Washington D.C. in 2017, Myanmar team was ranked 6th, earning both Phandeeyar and 7 participating students nationwide reputation and visibility. Phandeeyar is currently mentoring a team of 5 highly-talented Myanmar students to participate in the 2018 competition, held in August in Mexico City. 

As the competition approaches with 175 nations participating this year, the sponsoring of Phandeeyar's robotics team presents an amazing opportunity for Myanmar-based companies that want to show their dedication for empowering the next generation of STEM-leaders in the country.

For more information with regards to the sponsorship, please reach out philipp@phandeeyar.org or htoo@phandeeyar.org.