Market Entry Program for SMEs

The funding program supports German SMEs to enter new markets.

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With the "Market Entry Program for SMEs" (MEP), the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports in particular small and medium-sized enterprises in their entry into foreign markets. The funding instrument is also open to self-employed persons in the commercial sector as well as liberal professions and business-related service providers (companies).

The MEP serves the important future topics of environmental technologies, civil security and the healthcare industry across all sectors, as well as the traditional areas of mechanical and plant engineering, the vehicle and supplier industry or the chemical and electrical industries.

Benefits for companies

The program is open to all sectors of industry and allows companies to choose relevant countries and key topics.
The individual projects are highly effective in initiating business because they are sector-specific and focus on requirements in the target countries. In recent years, participation in business initiations and trade shows alone has generated export sales of over 100 million euros annually.

The MEP is implemented by the office in cooperation with the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) and the BMWi.

Here are the current projects.

In the past, the delegation covered among others the following topics:

  • Analytical, bio and laboratory technology in Myanmar
  • Waste and Recycling in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia
  • Machines for food processing in Myanmar
  • Water management in Myanmar

Delegation Trips


Who can participate?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Germany and interested in establishing or expanding their foreign business can participate. Large companies can also apply to take part in a project. As a general rule, at least 50 percent of the participating companies must be SMEs and have priority over large companies.

What are the costs?

Companies benefit from the extensive support offered by MEP. As part of the support, costs for the organization of the program and the provision of information are borne.

The own contribution for the participation in the foreign formats market exploration, business initiation and performance show with exclusively digital implementation amounts to:

  • 250 euros (net) for companies with annual sales of less than two million euros and fewer than ten employees
  • 375 euros (net) for companies with annual sales of less than 50 million euros and fewer than 500 employees
  • 500 euros (net) for companies with annual sales of 50 million euros or more or 500 or more employees