Virtual Energy Delegation Trip to Cambodia 2021

Meet the delegation and learn more about renewable energy solutions made in Germany.


With rising production costs due to a strong growing electricity consumption and increasing wages, the topic of Renewable Energies has unfolded an attractive business field in Cambodia.  Germany has been known as a leader in renewable energy technologies for decades.

The upcoming energy delegation trip with seven German companies will focus on technologies and solutions in the fields of renewable energies and energy storage. This delegation trip starts with the “3rd Cambodian-German Energy Symposium” on Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

At the 3rd Cambodian-German Energy Symposium, the German delegation will present their latest solutions, technologies, and services. This event will target energy companies, factories, and industry representatives from Cambodia, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations.  In line with Cambodia’s national long-term economic and energy ambitions, the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce is hosting the symposium that will provide an opportunity for experts from Germany and Cambodian decision makers to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

At the core of the energy delegation trip are talks with potential cooperation partners and customers in Cambodia, which are organized individually for the German participants. Over a period of two to three days, they will hold virtual meetings with potential business partners and establish personal contacts. In this way, they can gain a comprehensive impression of the respective company or institution.

In preparation for the energy business trip, the delegation has prepared a target market analysis, which includes a directory with profiles of relevant market participants and, in selected markets, a chapter on financing opportunities in German.

These seven German companies are forming the delegation:

If you are interested in participating in the Energy Symposium or in a virtual one-on-one meeting with one of the companies, please contact Lea Bergmann.

This program is sponsored by the Export Initiative "German Energy Solutions" of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy which aims to:

  • Highlight efficient solutions from Germany that can be implemented in Cambodia
  • Share industry knowledge internationally to further develop the sustainable energy market.
  • Raise awareness among political decision makers and opinion leaders concerning the importance of energy efficiency and the synergy between the two countries.
  • Support climate protection and resource conservation.

Companies' Presentation

Companies' Presentation


Presentation_K2 Systems GmbH

Presentation_StrawTherm GmbH

Presentation_Fitchner GmbH

Presentation_Wind Nord Technik GmbH

Presentation_BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG