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For many small and medium-sized German companies, market entry and market expansion abroad is difficult. Apart from the lack of market experience and the distance, it is primarily the lack of human and financial resources in the own company that makes the development of the foreign market difficult or impossible.

This is exactly where the AHK Myanmar comes in, which as a permanent representative office represents an important contact point for customers and business partners in the respective foreign country. Especially the country-specific company address is a convincing argument towards potential business partners. As an extended arm of the local export department and link between the German company and the foreign customers and partners, the business presence concept makes it possible to gain a foothold in the foreign market with manageable expenditure of time and money. And this without having to set up an office with your own staff.

Your advantages of a business presence via AHK Myanmar

  • Significant cost savings due to shared equipment and personnel.
  • Easier and immediate contact between companies and customers in Myanmar.
  • Customer proximity through permanent, reliable on-site presence without language barriers.
  • Use of the information and contact network of the AHK Myanmar.
  • Permanent exchange of experience