Sourcing Desk

With the right sourcing professionals, make the most out of supply capabilities of Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

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All three countries already have a position as a supplier in garment but other export industries are about to develop, mostly in light industries, handicrafts, wood processing and food.

How we can support you

We know about the demands and requirements of German buyers and about conditions and capabilities of Myanmar, Cambodian and Laotian businesses. On this basis we can support you with

  • Identifying potential suppliers
  • Providing on the ground support throughout the whole process
  • Assisting suppliers with regards to quality and certification issues and co-ordinating with development co-operation activities where ever possible
  • Providing additional information on export requirements

Information on additional support for your business

We can help you to identify potential co-operations especially in the area of Public Private Partnerships and capacity building trainings.