Receive the exclusive tender newsletter, pick up and mailing service of documents.

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Learn more about our exclusive tender newsletter service, our pick up service of tender documents and our messenger service of tender documents. We consult and support you in applying for local tenders, e.g. with our pick up and mailing service of documents. Use our tender services easily and conveniently from your office or home office.

Tender Services

Tender Documents Pick Up & Mail Service

Our tender documents pick up & mail services enables you to receive tender documents easily and conveniently within a very short time.

Tender Documents Messenger Service

In general, the original documents must be submitted in person to the relevant department or authorities within the deadline. To ensure this, we recommend to you our tender documents messenger service. This service is a great benefit for companies, which either do not have a representative in Myanmar and are unable to travel to the country, e.g. due to lack of time.