Senior Expert

Get expert advice and solutions to technical, economic or organizational problems.

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The Senior Experts Service (SES) is Germany’s leading volunteering organization for experts and executives who are either retired or taking some time off work. The AHK Myanmar is an official representative of the project "Senior Expert Service" in Myanmar.

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Where the SES helps?

At present, the SES has access to the knowledge and experience of over 12,000 experts from all professional spheres, including but not being limited to:

  • Commerce
  • Craftmanship
  • Services
  • Education
  • Public service
  • Agriculture

All experts have long-standing work and life experience and are highly motivated. Since 1983, the SES has completed more than 40,000 voluntary expert assignments in over 160 countries, including Myanmar.

Are you looking for a German expert to support:

  • Improving the quality of products or business processes?
  • Training courses for your employees?
  • Solving technical, economic or organizational problems?
  • New marketing concepts or business plans?
  • Solving liquidity and financial problems?

 A SES expert will be happy to support you!

Who the SES helps?

The SES supports organisations such as:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Public authorities
  • Professional and business associations
  • Social and medical facilities
  • Institutions which provide basic education or vocational training

Assignment Duration

SES assignments usually last for three to six weeks. Follow-up assignments can be arranged at any time.

The SES service is subsidized by the German government and therefore an affordable instrument for German and Myanmar organizations that are looking for initiating change and improvement! Only the local living costs of an expert during the assignment have to be covered by the requesting company.

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